Friday, October 31, 2014

Partial Die Cut Tutorial - Charming Gardeners Notecard

A "charming" partial die cut using Charming Gardeners. I've seen these but hadn't done one myself. What better way to learn than to figure out how to teach it, right? :)
This is an A1 card - 3-1/2" X 5" when folded. I started with a cocoa base, a toffee layer stamped with the hexagon background and a lemon whip layer for the partial die cut.

So, how to make it - the following pics are on orange cardstock so that it's hopefully easier to see how it's done. And, yes, I need to take some goo gone to the back of my dies to remove the washi tape residue. :)
Step 1: Stamp your image on a piece of cardstock and line up your die over the flower. I used an oval from the oval nestabilities. Using a pencil, lightly draw a line on the inside edge of your die on either side of where you want your partial die-cut to go. I did about 1/4" of an inch in length on either side.

This is how it looks when the die is removed. The arrows are pointing to the lines on either side of the flower.
Step 2. Cut straight down from the edge of your cardstock to the inner edge of your drawn lines. Don't cut out from the image. You want to go straight to the line edge because otherwise you'll cut too much from your image to get the effect you want.

Step 3 is to cut around the rest of the exposed image between your two side cuts. Don't worry about being too precise here as you can always go back and clean it up. In our case, we're going to add glitter so the edge won't matter as much.

Step 4. Slide your die back in place going behind the part you just cut out and lining up the inside of the die on the lines you just drew. Use washi tape to hold it in place before running it through the die-cut machine. I used the Grand Caliber but it will work on any die-cutting machine you have.

Here's another view with the full oval shown.

Step 5. Run it through the die machine and remove the die and voilà! A partial die cut!

This is what it looks like once it's cut. Notice that the scissor cut goes to the drawn line which is lower than the die cut. That's okay - it's right next to the image so won't show when glued down. Carefully erase the pencil lines and continue on with your card. Isn't that fun? And, it's easy once you do one or two. :)
So, here's the front again. I added lemon whip glitter to the flower petals and then stamped and glittered on the inside as well.
I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Have fun making your own partial die-cut cards!

Have a wonderfully creative day!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Snap Card Birthday - Modified Joy Fold

I created a modified joy fold using the 3X4 birthday snap cards and the birthday pieces and parts. Look how fun it! Love all the variations you can do with these!
 Here's what it looks like when it's open. ok - yes, I could have put it on straight - oops - but where's the fun in that? lol!
 Here's with the bottom flap folded up. The pieces and parts come in squares, balloons, words, cakes, etc. I popped up a square and folded the corner just a bit to show the back.
Here's the side view. Isn't that fun?

I see more joy fold cards in my future. And, the snap cards made them super easy! The snap cards are really inexpensive and work wonderfully in scrapbooking, cardmaking and mini albums too!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2-4-6-8 November 2014 Customer Appreciation Sale!

The following items are on sale for the month of November! I'll be placing an order at midnight November 1st so let me know by 8:00 p.m. October 31st if you'd like me to order anything for you. Or, you can order directly through my webstore:

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Fun with Splash and Feathers! (and, sanding too!)

 Ah - splash! So many possibilities with these wonderful color sprays. I love them!

This card has several techniques so let me start with the overall look and then break it down. First, you cut an oval from a piece of mermaid cardstock and then stamp feathers in versamark on the card and french roast insert piece. Why stamp in Versamark, you ask? When you stamp in versamark and then go over the stamped image with the sanding block, it brings out the image and it makes a wonderful background.

Here's a close-up. It's imperfect and fabulous! You aren't looking for perfection. You want that sanded, textured look. Isn't it great?!
Once you have the background done, take the script background and stamp it with versamark and then heat emboss it with satin pearl embossing powder. Then, use a piece of cardstock and mask off half a feather and "splash" it. Take a paper towel and remove the excess splash. Then, take your cardstock and mask off the first side and splash the other and repeat until all the feathers are done. This will give you the feather spine and it looks so cool. Once all three feathers are done, splash them all with Golddust Splash and then you'll have a lovely shimmer on your feathers. Tie a little vanilla twine around them and pop them up over your sanded feather background. :)

Here's a close-up of the feathers. Aren't they great?!
And, here's the inside - a strip of sanded Versamark feathers.
So, what do you think? Are you going to try sanding over versamark? It works best over a white-core cardstock like the A Muse cardstock.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Watercolor Poppy with Gold Shimmer and Champagne Glitter!

 When you have this much glitter, it's hard to get a great picture. But, it's all good because this card has shimmeriness from the watercolor to the glitter. Such sparkly wonderousness! Yes, those are words....maybe...not so!

First the Stained Glass Poppy stamp set was watercolored with the Peerless watercolors and then some peerless gold shimmer was watercolored on top and then champagne glitter was added on the edges. fabulous!! Isn't it pretty on the papaya and onyx cardstocks! The top layer is the Bristol watercolor paper.

A little corner rounding and a round sentiment piece was added. I know the picture looks a little brash and bold but in real life - it's not too much. It's a beautiful sympathy card to send to someone.
The inside is simple as the front says it all.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanks - A Partial Word Die-Cut and Modified Z-Fold Card Tutorial

 What happens when you take one of the fabulous word dies from A Muse Studio and only cut part of it out? Awesomeness! That's what happens - awesomeness! :)
 Here it is from an angled view to the side - you get the modified z-fold effect this way. You take an 4-1/4" X 11" piece of sugar cardstock and score it at 2-3/4" and 5-1/2". Put it aside and work on the die cut part. You could do it directly on the cardstock fold but I decided to make it a little easier.

Take a piece of 4-1/4" X 3-1/4" piece of cardstock. I used hibiscus as it was a great match to the patterned paper I picked to use from the Fiesta paper pack.
Center the word die at the top center of your 4-1/4" side of the cardstock.
Turn the cardstock 180 degrees and line it up so the top of the die is on the cutting plate and the bottom of the die and the rest of the cardstock is hanging off the edge a little. Use a little washi tape to hold it in place.

Add the cutting plate on top and as you can see, a bit of the word die is hanging out of the edge. You don't want the bottom part of the word to get cut that's why you need part of it to be outside of your cutting plates. *note - make sure your die is straight before you cut it out. I took the photo and then realized that I was askew so fixed it before cutting. ah... the little things. :)
Once you cut it, you have this lovely result. Okay - you actually have all the little pieces that you need to trim off from the letters but after you do that - you have this lovely partially die-cut word. :)  Layer that piece on the fold and trim to a straight line. Then, layer a patterned piece on the bottom edge to finish off the card.

I cut out the full word on a piece of the patterned paper and used a quickie glue pen to attach it to the top of the partial cut layer. You wouldn't have to do that but I liked the look of it. :)

Oh - I also added a top layer of patterned paper that I cut with the medium scalloped border die. A tiny strip of hibiscus finished off the look.
This would be so fun to do with the Merry or Noel die and add a little Santa Mail stamp or Cozy Back stamp to it. Will have to do some more playing.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and hope you'll give the partial word die-cut technique a try!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Simple Swirls Watercolor

Simple Swirls has pretty little flowers that are so cute! But, what's great is that they're even easier to color with the Peerless Watercolors! We carry the 40 color 2X2 pack. The colors are so vibrant and wonderful. And, so easy to use!

One note is that it's important to use watercolor paper as regular cardstock can warp and tear when water is added.
Here is how I use my peerless watercolors. I cut each of the 2X2 squares into quarters and then assembled one set of the quarters on a sheet of 9X12 Bristol paper (a watercolor paper that we also carry). I just used a glue dot to stick each color down in order from left to right, top to bottom. I did the left and then the right. When I was finished gluing down the pieces, I used the waterbrush (below) to put a swoosh of color under each square.

I also put a piece of acetate that stays between the colors when it is folded shut so if any of the colors are still wet, they won't blend into each other.

So...What's so great about these watercolors?
  • easy to use
  • easily portable (you're basically just carrying around a folded piece of cardstock and you have a myriad of colors at your disposal!!)
  • they last a long time (I've used these at four classes so far and have done some personal watercoloring and am still on my first quarter of the pack. this will vary, of course, based on your level of coloring but I find that a little dab of color will do ya. ;) )
  • they're fun! (they make me feel like an artist!)
  • very economical method of coloring
  • easy to make backgrounds and color images
  • and so much more!! 
I hope you'll give the watercolors a try as they're super fun!

I forgot to take a picture of the inside but I used a smaller matching flower on the inside and just shaded the outline with tombow markers that matched the watercolors used. I didn't watercolor inside as regular cardstock doesn't stand up well to watercoloring.

Simple Swirls Notecard
Stamps: Simple Swirls
Cardstock: Bristol Paper Pad, Onyx Shimmer, Bermuda
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, Versamark
Emboss: Onyx Embossing Powder, Heat Tool
Other: 3D Foam, Peerless watercolors, Tombow markers, water brush

Have a wonderfully creative day!